Psalms Of A Woman

28 Mar


Prodigal No More

A mighty fortress is our God

A place of refuge, place of peace

He takes the downcast, laden down

Invites them to His feast


Come all of your who labor

With sin you daily bear

Come partake of mercies great

Which willingly I share


Come to feast in linen white

I’ve waited long to clothe you

To share with you, to comfort you

My arms have longed to hold you


I see you coming down the road

Your eyes cast to the ground

Your clothes are torn and worn with time

No hope in you is found


My heart pours out like rivers swift

To run to take you in

To bind your wounds with tender care

To cover all your sin


Why do you listen to the one

That I have cast on down?

He wishes only death for you

To take away your crown


He whispers thoughts that you aren’t Mine

That I have you forsaken

That I have love conditional

So that you might be shaken


No, my child, don’t listen to

The way He pictures me

To see you walking towards My throne

Means everything to Me


We’ll feast a feast you’ll not forget

I’ll grant your soul with peace

Come sit with Me and talk to Me

Your burdens I’ll release


And in the light, we two shall be

Together, yes, eternally

No more a prodigal in chains

But one who now can with Me reign!


~ Diane Stewart 1994


Luke 15:11-32

Rev 20:6

Rev 3:21




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One response to “Psalms Of A Woman

  1. Anna

    March 30, 2011 at 7:29 pm

    Thank you for sharing this poem, Mom. 🙂

    (Love the new blog look, too!)


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