Relationship From God To Man

04 Jan



Searching for love and a gentle hand

Kindness too distant to understand

Awaits me as I demand

This relationship from God to man.


Compassion is shown and I shed a tear

Emotions come close, but then I fear

The walls come between us as a distant land

This relationship from God to man


Love so plenteous and outpouring

Fill this cup that I’ve been holding

God is giving and unfolding

His gentleness towards me


But the cup that I hold has been given me

By the Father of darkness, who I cannot see

Who wishes to be provider for me

And fill my cup with death!


Please tear down the partition

Let me receive of your love

Let my cup run over

From truth from above.


So I can have strength to run the race

Not on my own, but with mercy and grace

What wonderful joy will then take place

This relationship from God to man

Stewart 1991


This poem was written when I didn’t understand that I was worthy of God listening to me, and for that matter ‘helping me.’  I carried this poem around the house all day, crunched in my hand, working up the courage to go to God.  Frankly I was afraid to talk to Him because I felt He would zap me for being such an awful Christian.  At the end of the day, I finally got down on my kness and talked to God from the heart and for the first time I cried in front of God, you could say, but it was a great relief!

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